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How to install Debian 9 on Macbook 13″ (end 2009)

Here how i installed Debian 9 stretch on my old macbook 6,1 (mid 2009) NB: where you’ll see a # before command, means you should be root or need to use sudo. Hardware: Video card NVIDIA  GeForce 9400M with 256 … Continue reading

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Linux boot speed-up removing slow/useless services

Today, after upgrade to Debian Stretch i was looking startup loaded services and system boot-up performances through systemd-analyze* command. Looking results , excluding kernel time(4,5 sec), system took 1 minute and 42 seconds for start; OK , i don’t have an … Continue reading

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How to insert xdcc commands in Kvirc menu

I always used Mirc and its countless scripting functions for more than 10 years; this time I wanted to try Kvirc  scripting functions. Idea is to create an handy menu on Kvirc in order to execute commands xdcc send # … Continue reading

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Systemd Installation on Debian Wheezy

I wanted to try the “infamous” systemd on my Debian Wheezy: Let’s start with a refresh (being root)apt-get update && apt-get upgrade After that we can install systemd  – initially I’ve used version present in repository Wheezy/stable (44-11 + deb7u4)apt-get install systemd systemd-sysvAfter … Continue reading

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